Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ribbed For Her Displeasure

Here we have Lenny and George modeling the latest and most hideous of acrylic handknit menswear ca. fall 1970.
The text notes that Lenny's pullover is knit in Quaker Stitch. Perhaps this is because the Quakers do not believe in sex before marriage, and this sweater resembles a sort of prophylactic suit-of-armor. Knit for chastity!
George, on the other hand, looks like he is a firm believer in sex before marriage.
With you.


Hobbygåsa said...

Well, imagine them today - SOME years after - with grey hair and wrinkles - not that I in any way want to destroy that dream....
Have a nice day!

Knit and fall back in it said...

"Hello, my name is George and I am a very sexy man. Women all over the world have tried, unsuccessfully, to resist my steamy good looks and my boyish charm."

And Lenny said, "I wouldn't know, I have apparently been castrated"

Kristina B said...

You need to change your day job. This is hilarious.

Courtney the Knitting Goddess said...

HA! If I had been drinking coffee, it surely would have been snorted. Great work.