Sunday, September 9, 2007

Found in a bag of yarn headed to the Goodwill...

Uhhh.....anyone else find this yarn label a little disturbing?

Take another look:

(Shudder.) Creepy, isn't it? What's especially creepy is that none of these words require a "K" at the beginning. Country, Cabled, Cotton. Hmmmm.
This is the yarn of choice if you want to knit yourself a Kozy little hood(ie) before the barn dance and cross burning, I guess.
I hope that the Lily Company eventually yanked this (before it got discontinued, I mean)...or at least decided to check future products for hidden references to violent, racist secret societies.
Well, I'll be getting this out of my apartment ASAP...

Well, enough of that. Here's something just too, too adorable with which to cleanse your palate:

Let's say it together: "ahhhhhhhhh....."
I made soap with a hedgehog today. Really! Well, it was really with some friends, but one of the friends has a little wee hedgehog. If you have never seen one before, they are a lot smaller than you think they will be. This is no baby; in fact, she's already had a hysterectomy (long story). Isn't she cute?

(Short return to the "inappropriate products" theme: I like that Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! lunchbox in the background. I assume that was not originally manufactured for schoolchildren in the '70s. Wouldn't it be interesting to send your kid to school with that, though?)

Progress on WIPs has been good, considering that I'm currently working on a knit-for-pay project (my first one! yippeee!) so I have to divert time away from my personal stuff. But, I did manage to meet Friday's goal on the Hanami shawl. I've been knitting it on two 6" size 2 dpns, but that has to stop since I have 127 or so stitches on the needle and it is becoming a very fiddly process. I'm going to spend some of my budgeted Finishing Funds for a 24" size 2 circular, and I am definitely going to get the Addi Turbo Lace. I tried a size 6 on a different project, and they are awesome.


Knit and fall back in it said...

That hedgehog is waaaaay too cute. But the Kountry Kable Kotton is not so cute. It annoys me when they change the spelling of words. Why not just use the word as it was supposed to be spelled?

Kristina B said...

Not too fussy on the "Kotton" myself. But what a Kute hedgehog!

(sorry Knit back and fall in it... I couldn't help myself!) ;-)

Scarlett said...

I have to admit that I Kaught the KKK thing rather too quickly.

Comes from living during the 67 riots, I suppose. Even then I know all that was wrong. The label actually looks from the 70's, perhaps we should do a carbon date test.

I love hedgehogs. I once worked at a wholesale pet supply company where we sold live animals and they were very fun to play with.

and so with the prairie dogs

and the ferrets.