Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Shout Out to my Peeps!

Hmmm. When language like that comes out of me it's about as cool as your parents rapping at your birthday party.
I have to hand it to all the commenters on the previous post who commented that the Bisexual Sweater needed to stay in the closet. In retrospect, I cannot believe I missed that pun. Good for you, folks! You outpunned me.
I actually am a little disappointed in myself when I miss a pun that is set up so nicely. One example: when I was an undergrad, I emailed a math-major friend about something I had figured out in my college algebra class after a lot of studying, and I wrote that, now that I had taken the time to learn the concept, it was "easy as pie." He promptly wrote back: " I can't believe you didn't write, "Easy as pi."
You see, that was like seven or eight years ago and I still remember missing that pun! I guess that says something about me but I'm not too sure what it is.