Wednesday, March 28, 2007

First post...will this end up like the pile of unfinished blank journals in the closet?

Well, well, well, I finally got around to starting my knitting blog.
I have been telling myself for damn near a year that I was going to hold off until I was done with school (I go to law school evenings and work during the day) but I cracked-- I wanted to join the No-Wool swap and I was too lazy to wait for the KAL sign-up email to get to me. Funny how my laziness cured my procrastination in this instance.
I wanted to wait because I wanted this to be a GOOD knitting blog, not a half-assed one. We'll see if I can use my whole ass this time. Fortunately, even half of it should be ample at this point in time.
My two biggest immediate challenges? No digital camera and no home internet connection. Insurmountable? We'll see.